Nursing Care

Ion care provides you with qualified nurses and skilled health attendants to give better nursing services easier in the comfort of your home which will help you to get better support you need to stay well.

We can help you to get the support you need for following nursing services:

  1. Wound Care: Simple, Acute, Chronic & Complex Management.
  2. Iv fluids & medication Management.
  3. Health Education & Prevention Management.

Health Status Assessments including Blood Pressure and Diabetes Management.

  1. Post Surgery Recovery including assistance with domestic tasks.
  2. Catheter Care.
  3. Palliative Care.

Specialised disease care

Certain diseases where a patient suffers for prolonged duration like stroke,cancer,copd,trauma etc . Family members face a lot of difficulties in taking them to hospitals. That's when we come in with our home based personalised care.

After our primary health care provider will take the history of the patient ,we make a personalised care plan with guidance of a specialist doctor for a particular ailment and requirements of the patient. As per detailed instruction from a specialist doctor we will provide skilled nurses for 12/24 hour duration on a daily basis to take care of the patient.

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