“Physiotherapy is a field of medicine based on the study of physiology, neuroscience and anatomy. Its aim is simple to restore proper function to your body & help you return to your usual activities and reduce the risk of further injury with help of techniques like range of motion exercise,soft tissue mobilisation, electrotherapy, cryotherapy, kinesio taping etc”.

“In contrast to other branches of medicine, which tend to rely on drugs and surgery to treat injuries and diseases, physiotherapy uses physical methods such as massage, movement and exercise. Physiotherapy can be used to treat a specific injury, or it can be applied to enhance your general wellbeing”.

Why to See a Physiotherapist?

Some of the most common reasons people see a physiotherapist include:

  1. Illness: After a prolonged illness or during/after an illness that impacts mobility, balance, or motor skills

  2. Chronic health condition:  After a prolonged illness or during/after an illness that impacts mobility and balance.

  3. Following surgery:  After surgery, getting up and moving is a very important part of the healing process. If a body part such as a hand, foot, or back were affected, physiotherapy can help the patient regain use or compensate

  4. Injury:  Injuries that leave the patient with a lot of pain or the inability to move can often be addressed through physiotherapy.

  5. Ageing: As people age they experience changes in their bodies that impact movement and function. Physiotherapy can help them regain some of that function or teach them how to work with the loss.

  6. Major health crisis:   Heart attack, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and other health crises can leave a person with great difficulties in normal everyday function. Physiotherapy can help patients regain some or all of that function.

  7. Improved physical performance:  Athletes or even just patients who want to perform better in their fitness pursuits may turn to physiotherapy to learn strategies for maximising the body’s potential for performance.

  8. General wellness: Patients may begin physiotherapy to counteract the effects of ageing, learn skills for staying mobile and healthy, and staying flexible.

Advantages of ioncare home physiotherapy?


- no fuss of travelling on roads.

- better time management.


- as effective as to visit traditional clinic if not more

Cost efficient

- no travel cost.

- no time off work schedule.

Personalised care

- no divided attention

- better time management.


- faster recovery

Personalised care

- no divided attention

We provide experienced physiotherapists at the comfort of your home working with a wide variety of conditions likemusculoskeletal, neurological, postoperative or post-accident rehabilitation, elderly physiotherapy, etc.


When many people think of physiotherapy, they often think of Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, which is the branch of physiotherapy that deals with muscles and bones. Individuals seeking musculoskeletal physiotherapy are often looking for intervention to eliminate aches & pains, increase strength & conditioning, and improve general mobility.

  1. Arthritis

  2. low back pain

  3. Neck pain

  4. Tendinitis

  5. Post-fracture and dislocation

  6. Sprains and strains

  7. Aches and pains

  8. Whiplash


Neurological Physiotherapy is a specialty area of physiotherapy that focuses on the treatment of individuals with neurological conditions and disorders that impact the functioning of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Neurological physiotherapists are experienced and trained to treat neurological conditions with the aim of helping the patient regain movement and maximise independence. This is achieved by aiding in the development of new pathways through therapeutic exercise.

  1. Cerebrovascular disease, including stroke

  2. Traumatic brain injuries

  3. Spinal cord injuries

  4. Multiple Sclerosis

  5. Parkinson’s Disease

  6. Guillain barre syndrome

  7. Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

A physiotherapist can work with individuals after surgery to rehabilitate their operated area back to its full potential and functioning ability. In-home physiotherapy can be especially convenient after surgery, as many surgeons prohibit the patient from driving post-operatively for several weeks.

  1. Knee replacement surgery

  2. Hip replacement surgery

  3. Rotator cuff repair

  4. Fractures

  5. ACL, meniscal, and other knee surgery

  6. Open-heart or arthroscopic heart surgery

  7. Lumpectomy

  8. General medical procedures

Elderly Physiotherapy

As we age, our bodies undergo a wide variety of changes. These changes can often impact the way we live our lives. Unfortunately, the changes our bodies undergo as we age are not always positive. Arthritis, reduced muscle and bone density, and the presence of age-related health conditions can cause older adults prone to fall ,imbalance so they tend to give up certain activities. On the more drastic end of the spectrum, older adults may lose their ability to remain independent. Fortunately, physiotherapy has been shown to slow down, and even reverse, the age related changes that our bodies go through.

We offer:

  1. Medical exercise programs catered to those with multiple comorbidities.

  2. Strength and mobility exercise programs to help seniors maintain independence.

  3. Supervised in-home exercise programs that are safe and effective.

How to make sure you make most of physiotherapy sessions at home?

  1. DIscuss with your physiotherapist about.
    • ● how the pain started.
    • ● what is the nature of the.
    • ● how long you have been facing the problem.
    • ● what exactly are your areas of pain.
    • ● what level of function you would like to achieve through your sessions.
  2. Physiotherapist will need to evaluate your joint stability and movement so wear comfortable clothing which doesn’t hamper your movement.

  3. A physiotherapist might bring some small exercise equipment so choose a spacious spot in your house, which is well ventilated, well lit, and free from any clutter.

  4. To regain your desired body part function, stay attentive, punctual & consistent to the exercises.

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